Market vans

Carrosserie Lemeire is specialises in the construction of market vans and of roadside vending vans, fully made-to-measure in accordance with the customer's wishes and requirements. The lay-out of these vans is fully geared to the type of market products being sold, covering:


            - meat, fish, poultry, dairy products

            - vegetables, fruit

            - pastries, sweets, bread

            - textiles, leatherware jewels leather goods, cosmetic

            - jewellery,cosmetics

            - flowers and plants



The vehicles are built in joint consultation with the customer who sets out his requirements and in turn is advised by ourselves as to what is feasible in terms of construction, weights, materials and colours. The size and weihgt of the market van/roadside vending vans highly depend on the nature of the customer's activity.


The bodywork consists of isolated polyester and/or aluminium sandwich panels. For the furbishing, we largely use lightweight materials. In order to display the goods on offer as attractively as possible, for the interior trim we offer a very wide range of materials, colours and lighting options.


Customers also get to choose from a range of facilities such as a sliding roof, a fixed or extendible counter, various refrigeration and/or heating systems, the arrangement of the display (hanger bars, shelving/ledges,...), etc.


Another important feature of Carrosserie Lemeire is the fact that, from the very outset, we have focused on designing our own panoramic cabins, giving customers maximum space to sell their wares alongside further display options. Carrosserie Lemeire is one of just a handful of companies left in Europe to design and build this specific cabin types.


All of our vehicles are fully compliant with applicable national and European approval requirements.


In addition, all of our vehicles come with the appropriate gas and electricity approval where applicable.


To lend your market van/trailer or roadside vending van even greater appeal and to act in response to the latest trends, we are able to turn your vehicle into an even more eye-catching point of reference on any market.


- working with a designer who will call round to sit down with you to bring the shape, colour and image of your project into focus.

- working with a lighting specialist to highlight the livery, shape and colour schemes to be used.

- when the order is placed, we create a preliminary 3D design, enabling you to view, admire and personalise your vehicle before it is actually built at our workshop.


All of this comes in addition to the familiar and trusted properties of our market vans.


'Approved, sustainable, practical and ergonomic.'