Legmode PPsocks has chosen for its range of quality socks for the type of sales car which offers the most presentation opportunities on the market.


The integral or panoramic cabin on a galvanized low-floor chassis offers ample benefits:


- It is an absolute eye catcher on the market.
- A tight and sublime illuminated retail presentation over the entire vehicle length.
- A counter far into the cabin Ideal for both small and large places on the market.
- Versatile in layout, both for textiles, fish, meat, cheese, vegetables and fruits, flowers, candy, ...
- Can of course also have a sliding roof, which means that a sales length of almost twice as long can be realized.
- Very ergonomic and offers a fast way to unpack and pack in the market.
- Fully customized.


This car has more specifically:


- Total length of 9,000 mm.
- Galvanized chassis.
- Total weight on land: 7,000 kg.
- Load capacity 1940 kg.
- Cabin heating standard.
- 360 ° camera system standard.
- Height adjustable sunshade standard.
- Hydraulic side window and counter.
- Heating of the sales space.
- Space under the rear door is also a sales space.
- Fixed connection panel between rear hatch and side hatch and this without any support! Free passage around.
- Fixed extension of the side hatch.
- Fully lockable with black storm / winter sails with travel strip.
- With solar sail.
- The ideal presentation carts.
- Shutters with damping system.