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Below you'll find some important data for our company.

  • Foundation

    Jules Lemeire set up Carrosserie Lemeire in Erondegem, to be joined by his brother Felix in due course, with both brothers having previously racked up many years of hands-on experience in the construction of cabins and bodies.

  • First market vans

    The construction of vehicle bodies for meat trade and the first market vans.

  • Move

    1977 sees Carrosserie Lemeire relocating its workshop from Erondegem to Hamme, under the direction of Norbert Lemeire.

  • Extension

    The existing buildings are extended, new offices are built onto the premises and investments poured into the purchase of new machinery.

    The 3rd generation comes to join the business in 1994 in Hans Lemeire who just qualified as an industrial engineer. Little by little new industrial techniques, computing and production methods find their way in the construction process.

    Another major development is the move towards the use of hydraulic components, lighting methods and composite materials in the construction and furnishing of mobile shops and roadside vending vans.

  • Nieuw chapter

    A new century, a new chapter in the history of the business. In order to stop being dependent on outside chassis builders, Carrosserie Lemeire starts developing and building its proprietary low-frame frames for trailers, semi-trailers as well as for front-wheel drive vehicles. The construction of cabin panoramic does not go neglected either.

    The right decision, so it seems, as today Carrosserie Lemeire is the only total solution manufacturer that designs and builds chassis, vehicle bodies and vehicle cabins able to assist customers.

Why choose for Carrosserie Lemeire

Choosing a vehicle of Carrosserie Lemeire is choosing a stylish and quality product. It is the ideal base for your activities and this for many years to come.

This because of

  • External Inspection by AIB-Vinçotte and IDIADA
  • Quality constructions scientifically based through cooperation with research and industrial centers such as KAHO Sint-Lieven, ESLT and Flanders Drive
  • Supported by Agoria and Federauto
  • All our vehicles meet the high requirements of the European directive 2007/46
  • Trailers, semi-trailers, front-wheel drive vehicles, container systems, also for other manufacturers, in the form of chassis, chassis with bodywork and fully furnished
  • Not only Belgium but also in Europe


  • Custom vehicles as well as standard vehicles
  • As low as possible against the ground to have a good contact between vendor and client
  • The possibility of sliding roofs to increase your sales space
  • No discomfort caused by supports in the middle on the opened side of the vehicle
  • All our chassis are galvanized
  • The production of our own excellent refrigerated ventilated counter
  • Low maintenance by optimal design reduces costs and no surprises afterwards
  • Construction of our own panoramic cabin, more sale space
  • Own repair service and good service